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Corporate Wellness

Wellness is success!



Our services include, but are not limited to:

- Wellness governance framework development (organizational structure and management system, functional scope and business processes, manpower plan, recommended action priorities,...)


- Wellness strategy and wellness program development (action plan, policy, budget, key performance indicators,...)

- Wellness program implementation and coordination (implementation planning, program administration and management, evaluation and reporting, selection, appointment and coordination of wellness vendors)

- And more...

Thinking differently can open up great opportunities!

With a growing focus on leading healthier and happier lifestyles, wellness programs are vital aspects of successful government institutions and corporations worldwide.

There is a clear call for action and behavioral change can only be achieved by providing an environment and the tools that are conducive to individual health and wellbeing, leading to positive contributions on companies and society.


And that's the future that Becan works towards. 

Becan has developed a unique and proven methodology for developing a successful and sustainable corporate wellness program with the establishment of a solid wellness governance framework at its core.

We create tailor-made solutions and build long-term partnership for government institutions and companies that place the wellbeing of their people at the heart of their business model. 

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